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Gray & Associates: Technology Planning

Gray & Associates Technology Solutions specializes in planning, designing, implementing and maintaining businesses' computer systems. In addition, we can help plan for the unexpected and the future!

Continuity of Operations Planning: Today technology is the foundation that allows our businesses to operate at today's fast-paced levels to remain competitive. Take down the internet or worse your server and watch your employee's productivity levels take a nosedive or screech to a halt.

Gray & Associates can help you plan for the unexpected such as utility outages, disasters, cyber attacks, and thefts. We will help you identify these threats and put a plan into place on how to handle these incidents. Not only can we help you put a plan into place of how to react to these threats but we can help educate your employees on how to react and how the company plans to operate during these events. Companies with employees who understand the plan and how to react to these events and have taken cautionary steps can minimize their losses during these events.

Strategic Technology Planning: Do you have a plan for you company's technology? Not only is it wise to have at least a 5-Year Technology Plan but it will save your company effort and money.

A company with a technology plan makes every purchase work toward its long-term technology goals. With a strategic plan in place a business eliminates scalability and compatibility issues. Without a plan companies often buy equipment and then one year or two years later realize it will not work with an upgrade and have to duplicate the purchase; this wastes time and money. Technology Planning can also help with cash flow. With a plan in place everyone including the finance department will be in the know on technology life cycles and when to expect cash outlays.